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With the environment changing and people trying to become less consumeristic, Millennials especially prefer to buy from companies who give back. Other studies show that giving back increases brand loyalty. But, more than a ploy to generate more sales, giving back to the community and the world at large is simply socially responsible and a must. 


1. We believe in sustainability

Some intensive farming practices cause deforestation and create harmful byproducts. In creating our high-quality product, we didn't want to be part of that problem.

We source our oils, butters, and natural ingredients sustainably. Our Abyssinian oil comes from local farmers in South Africa where these farmers can harvest additional food crops when water is abundant or the crambe in periods of water shortage since the crop doesn't require much water to grow.

After harvest, the plant's roots fertilize the soil for other crop-growing, which isn't true for plants such as tobacco and cotton, which strip soils of their nutrients (instead of plants that give back to the soil).

Growing Abyssinian plants requires fewer fertilizers and fungicides, making it a sustainable crop. The positive environmental factors and the fact that Abyssinian oil is a hair superfood is the reason we chose to base our product around this amazing oil. If you'd like to find out more about what Abyssinian oil is and its benefits, read our piece here: What is Abyssinian oil and what are the benefits?

Once the seeds are harvested, they are cold-pressed locally without using solvents. This process boosts the local economy and minimizes environmental impact. The oil is obtained in a way that is ECOCERT approved and GMO-free.

We give a lot of thought to sustainability and all of our plant-based ingredients are sourced in a minimally impactful manner. We want to leave our environment better off whilst creating an amazing product on the market.


2. We (and you) expect quality

Our products are 99% plant-based. We have a page all about our ingredients here. Why do we use natural plant-based products? Well, we consider them better quality and they have some amazing benefits for your hair.

Here are some of our hair super ingredients.

  • Abyssinian oil: naturally conditioning, lightweight, nongreasy, mimics the hair's natural oils (more than any other oil), packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, naturally antifungal and antibacterial, naturally heat resistant, and scalp-soothing
  • Celery seed oil: improves hair texture, fights dandruff, increases hair strength, adds moisture
  • Coconut oil: fights bacteria, reduces dandruff, moisturizes and softens hair, adds shine, prevents breakage, helps hair grow
  • Dead sea salt: a natural exfoliant containing additional nourishing minerals including magnesium which improves hydration and reduces inflammation
  • Shea butter: softens hair, reduces damages, soothes itchy scalps
  • Hydrolyzed silk protein: reduces breakage, adds a protective barrier, stops moisture loss
  • Chamomile extract: anti-inflammatory, preserves colour, protects against pollution, soothes itchy scalps
  • Jojoba oil: naturally antifungal, coats the hair, strengthens hair, increases hair thickness
  • Wheat germ oil: nourishes and conditions hair, helps with hair growth

Of course, to have a quality product, the ingredients are more expensive, especially when sustainably and locally sourced. However, we'd rather offer a product at a higher price point and be able to maintain the quality we (and you) expect. Even though our product may be slightly more expensive than your drug store product (but less than many salon products), if you consider the quality, then it makes sense. Plus, with only weekly and bi-weekly washing, one product will last a couple of months.

Our products will work wonders for your hair and create glowing, healthy locks. We don't just add gloss to the hair to make it appear healthier, we actually make the hair healthier by using quality ingredients. As a metaphor, you may be able to paint your house but if you don't repair a damaged structure, making the outside look better is a quick fix, covering up a long-term nightmare; we don't want to cover up environmental damage to your hair. We want to help you heal your hair and scalp to improve the quality, texture, shine, moisture, and look of your hair from the inside out.




3. We give back to the environment

Since our core product ingredients are derived from plants, we need to keep the earth happy and healthy to continue as a business. With that in mind, we are proudly partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project. We believe 'everything lives where trees live' and each time you buy from us, Eden Projects plants a mangrove tree in the Biak Islands and West Java in Indonesia. Buy a product to support our cause.


In the end, we use all-natural products because we care about you, we care about the environment, and we care about sustainability.


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