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Have you ever been outside on a warm day and didn't realise just how sunny it would be?

 Let’s explore what is niacinamide and what does it do for your hair?
My hair feels soft, shines and is airy

 What does being cruelty-free and vegan mean?

Feel your stress melt! Gua sha techniques reduce tension and relax the body. 

future-proof your hair

Just like the skin of our face, UV rays accelerate hair & scalp ageing and amplify most concerns: hair loss, microbiome imbalance, breakage, frizz or colour loss.

At Abyssian, we believe UV protection should be an integral part of your daily care routine - to give your hair and scalp the future it deserves.

Drawing on a decade of research on sun effects, we've created multifunctional products to address scalp issues, hair loss, oxidation, and damage. Infused with nature-inspired remedies, biotech enhancements, and green chemistry -  abyssian promises hair-wellness for every head under the sun. 

Experience our skincare-infused, UV-protective hair & scalp care.

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