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Hi everybody! Anyone who has been following my blog for a longer period of time knows that I have been delving more and more into hair care for curls in recent years. For example, a few years ago I started with the CG method for curls and I regularly try out new hair care products. I shared on Instagram that I recently received a package with three hair products from abyssian and I have recently tested them extensively. Are you curious about my opinion about the hair care products of abyssian? Then read on!


At abyssian, quality and sustainability are paramount, something I also find important when it comes to hair care. The hair products of abyssian are sustainably produced (the packaging is recyclable) and are not tested on animals. The products also contain more than 90% natural/plant-based ingredients. In addition, the products do not contain sulfates, parabens and silicones. This is something I've been paying attention to since I've been using the CG method! The products are suitable for all hair types and promise to make the hair shine and protect, without weighing it down. All hair care products from abyssian are available at the hair growth specialist for customers from the Netherlands.



Something I immediately noticed about the abyssian Daily Shield Superfood Conditioner (except for the wonderful scent), is that the conditioner makes my hair incredibly soft. The conditioner contains superfood to protect the hair and makes the hair soft and strong. When I apply the conditioner, my hair even feels slippery, something you normally only get when using products with silicones. After applying the conditioner, all I have to do is comb through my hair with my fingers! In addition, the conditioner feels firm, and you don't need a lot of products to make your hair nice and soft.


Recently I have completely discovered hair masks, so I couldn't wait to test the Protein Shake hair mask . The Protein Shake hair mask contains olive oil extracts and moisturizes dry and damaged hair. I always apply hair masks before I wash my hair and I leave it on for a few hours. The Protein Shake hair mask has a thick structure, something I always like with a mask. Then I have the feeling that the mask really does something for my hair. The Protein Shake hair mask nourishes my hair and gives my hair a boost. Some hair masks weigh down my hair, but this mask doesn’t. The Protein Shake hair mask is very suitable for thin and curly hair, and you will definitely notice that!


The abyssian Revitalizing Rinsing mist is a spray that gives your hair volume. Also, the spray contains rice water, which I've heard a lot of good stories about lately! Rice water contains amino acids and vitamin B8, which is essential for hair growth. I can't judge very well whether the rinsing mist really gives my hair volume, because I always have volume with my curls. If you have straight or curly hair, the spray is worth a try! The spray gives my hair structure and makes my hair very soft and shiny. I use the spray after shampooing, before applying my leave-in conditioner.

I have been using the abyssian Hair Care products for about two weeks now and I am very pleased with the results! My hair feels soft, shines and is airy. If you have fine hair like me, I can recommend the products. It is quite a struggle to find hair products that do not weigh down your hair. The hair products from abyssian Hair Care do exactly what they promise and make my hair feel strong, cared for and healthy. In addition, the products smell wonderful!

Did you already know the brand abyssian Hair Care? Which product are you most curious about?


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