How To Get Your Hair Ready For Summer

Some countries have had restrictions lifted or loosened amid our global pandemic, but other countries are still on lockdown or have imposed restrictions. For many of us, that means the salons aren't open but that doesn't mean you can't get your hair ready for the summer sun (even if we won't be able to visit our favourite beach or mountain spot this year or have amazing summer travels). Here's how to get your hair ready for summer.


1. Try out some hair oil

Many people understand the benefits of the right hair oil. Hair oils can lock in moisture to prevent your hair from drying out, which you'll need especially if restrictions ease and you're allowed to hit the pool or the beach or even if you're going for your daily walk in the sun and wind. Here's all about Abyssinian oil and why it will be amazing for your summer hair. Our Original Abyssinian oil formula provides your hair with the vitamin boost it needs, nourishes the scalp, protects your hair from heat, and is lightweight and non-greasy.


You can also use Abyssinian oil as a pre-shampoo treatment. You can massage the oil into your scalp before shampooing which can help manage bacteria on the scalp and eliminate flakes for those who suffer from dandruff. The pre-shampoo treatment can restore your scalp's balance, add moisture, control frizz, and detangles your hair.



2. Switch up your shampoo and conditioner

For those who don't wash your hair every day, a bottle of shampoo and conditioner can last months, so it's really an investment in the health of your hair, which is why you should switch your shampoo and conditioner to something high-quality and good for your locks. If you can pick up your shampoo at the grocery store or drug store for less than the price of a sandwich, how much did it cost to make and what harsh chemical and additives have they put in your industrial-strength 'cleansing' shampoo.

Often, cheaper shampoos have harsh soaps that will make your hair greasy as they strip natural oils from your hair. So, if you haven't switched to our Deep Hydration products yet, now is the time. They are the ultimate products in getting your hair summer-ready whilst retaining your hair's natural oils and moisture. The oil can repair hair damage and leave your hair cared for and ready to face the summer.




3. Color your hair

For summer, many people go lighter but with many of the salons closed for now, it may be a good idea to go slightly darker with an at-home kit (if you're brave enough). Many of us are suffering from peeping grey hair or an inch or so of roots and, sometimes, that can leave us feeling less than our best. At-home bleaching is a lot less safe to do without professional help than adding pigment to the hair through darker dyes.

With darker hair colours, light is reflected off the hair instead of being absorbed and it can make your hair look fuller and thicker. Just make sure to use a good conditioning treatment after you apply the dye.


4. Allow air drying every now and then

In our post all about the benefits of air-drying your hair, it ended up being a bit of a mixed bag. If you air-dry your hair safely with something like our Self-Care Hair Towel, you can ensure your hair doesn't break when it's in its delicate wet state; however, everyone agrees that heat styling can be damaging to the hair even if wet strands are delicate.

It's recommended never to put your hair in a regular towel 'hair turban' as that heaviness can break the delicate strands of hair around your face, so, to get your hair summer-ready apply a self-care hair towel and allow it to wick away moisture from the strands without breakage and without brushing and applying heat. Your hair will thank you for being allowed a break from heat styling. Once dry, apply some Abyssinian oil on the ends of your hair to keep in healthy moisture.


5. Apply a hair treatment

When we think of the word 'pampering', many of us think of a face mask but what about applying a 'hair mask'? Our Protein Shake Hair Mask is colour safe, sulfate-free, phosphate-free, and paraben-free. This luxurious hair mask only takes 5-10 minutes and will leave your hair feeling silky soft. You can apply our Silk Milk once your hair is dry for added extravagance.


So, whether we will have a lockdown summer or restrictions will ease, here are the tips on how to get the healthiest hair this year. As always and especially now, stay safe, stay home, stay protected, and we can't wait for you to share pictures on social media of your summer-ready hair.


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photo credits: @karen_gudmunds


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