5 Uses Of Supergloss Hair Serum Enriched With Abyssinian Oil

Abyssinian oil is the unsung rockstar of the haircare world. It's shiny. It's light. It's fun. It keeps going into the night and it protects your hair from all the hair-world’s baddies like pollution and fungus (true story). Jokes aside, Abyssinian oil has many unique protective qualities that you didn't know existed and you’ll wish you’d found out sooner! Keep reading to find out what we mean.

Now for the factual bits, Abyssinian oil is a plant-based oil derived from the Crambe abyssinica crop, which originated in the Ethiopian Highlands (formerly known as Abyssinia). Despite its multiple benefits (more on those later), you can buy the oil in its pure form but as a single oil without our blend of conditioning agents to support it the result will still add too much oil to your hair: however light this oil is, it’s still oil! Our lab blended it with other plant extracts to balance out the benefits required for your mane and reach the perfect formula. Let's take a look at the five uses of specialty Supergloss Hair Serum for routine hair care.

1. Nourish and condition hair

Abyssinian oil hasn't yet gained the popularity of its other oil cousins such as Jojoba oil and Argan oil; however, it's unique molecular structure makes it far superior. It is light and non-greasy yet moisturises each strand of hair, causing a plumping effect but not too plumping. Now for the sciency stuff: it’s omega-3 fatty acid chain contains medium-sized molecules that cannot penetrate the hair shaft and instead create a net-like barrier around the hair, locking in moisture and protecting the hair, while the oil itself adds nourishing vitamins to your tired strands. The structure of this superstar oil is unique. Other oils can overfill the hair, which causes the hair strand to bloat and feel heavy as well as forcing the cuticle open to things you don’t want in your hair as well as things you don’t want to let out like moisture. As an added bonus, Abyssinian oil contains multiple vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E as well as minerals and antioxidants so while it’s acting as a barrier to the bad stuff, it’s letting the good stuff in. What other product can give you that?

2. Reduce frizz

For those hot, humid summers or that dreaded winter hat hair, Supergloss Hair Serum will smooth down your locks and keep them healthy and non-frizzy. Remember in our last point about the other oils over-bloating your hair, well, this oil has the opposite effect: it adds just the right amount of moisture and closes the cuticle to create a smoothing effect. Goodbye frizz! Smoothing a little oil over your hair will save it from all types of weather. Plus, as a bonus, the oil has anti-inflammatory properties, protection from the elements, and is naturally anti-fungal. So, while your head gets hot in the sun or under that hat, you can rest assured that nothing icky is building up on your scalp. Abyssinian oil is known for its anti-wrinkling properties and for creating healthy, happy scalps.


3. Treat split ends

Abyssinian oil treats split ends, causing 93% less breakage. The serum provides deep conditioning in just three minutes, which means it's perfect to add to your routine for hair care every day. It also has detangling properties, which means fewer split ends from dragging a brush through unruly hair. The oil also reduces friction caused by brushing the hair so while you’re treating those split ends and adding a detangling solution, you’re also preventing future split ends from happening. Say hello to beautiful hair!

4. Add lightweight shine

Since Supergloss Hair Serum provides moisture without clogging pores, it adds a lightweight shine and a natural gloss as well as restoring hair health. The oil has no discernible odour and you cannot feel it when running your fingers through your hair. (Who likes the feeling of grease when touching your hair?) Most conventional natural and synthetic oil products, add shine at the cost of heaviness and hair bloat, which Abyssinian oil does not do (a total win in our book). Keep your hair free from being bogged down!

5. Protect hair from heat

One of the most important benefits of our serum for those who style their hair daily is the heat-protection properties. The oil contains heat-resistant omega fatty acid chains, which protect your hair from heat styling (as one of the many benefits). Supergloss Hair Serum can be used before blow-drying or applied before styling. Instead of using a separate moisturising, defrizzing, detangling, and heat styling product, you can buy just one product and do even more. With all of the other added benefits, it's a wonder everyone doesn't know about this almost perfectly kept styling secret.


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