7 Hobbies You Can Start After Lockdown

Even with lockdown lifting mid-June, some people may be able to continue working from home, meaning you won’t have the long commute by car, bike, bus, train, etc to work. For those going out to work, since we still can’t have social engagements as usual, you may find that you have extra time on your hands, so now is the time to learn a skill or take up a hobby that you've been meaning to try out. Here are 10 hobbies you can start after lockdown (and, hopefully, master). Let's get started. 


1. Discover new exercises

From yoga to running to indoor exercise, you can start getting healthier as a hobby with your extra time. This new hobby will improve your long-term health and help keep your joints, bones, and ligaments strong and healthy. So, get that blood pumping!


2. Take up gardening

You may be lucky enough to have a large garden or just have a few indoor plant pots or have access to a community garden. Whatever your situation, gardening provides exercise, stress relief, boosts your immune system, makes us happier (since soil contains natural antidepressants), and improves brain health. Plus, if you're growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables, gardening can have the added benefit of providing healthy and nutritious foods for you to eat.


3. Practice self-care

Finally, one of the most important hobbies and routines during and after lockdown is self-care. Take time to care for your skin, nails, hair, body, and mind during this unique time in history.


One way to care for your hair is by relaxing in the bath with our Protein Shake Hair Mask or keeping your hair nourished with Supergloss Hair Serum. You can soak your nails, cleanse your skin, and take time for yourself.


4. Learn a language

Have you always wanted to parle Français, pick up Mandarin, master your Spanish, hone your German, or perfect your formal Arabic? When is a better time to pick up a language than now? There are lots of free lessons out there and apps like Duolingo and Babbel to help you on your journey. There are even free resources such as YouTube videos and free online classes.

5. Learn to paint

Whether you're already an experienced artist or finger painting is more your jam (from those toddler days), painting can relieve stress. Like puzzles, painting improves memory and fine motor skills. It may also nurture emotional and creative growth. Your paint supplies can range from inexpensive watercolours and acrylics to pricier canvasses and oil paints, but whatever your medium, let your creativity flow.

6. Discover how to knit

Like many skills, knitting can be learned through online video tutorials on YouTube and other platforms. Many people during lockdown have made knitted teddy bears for health workers and other key workers, too, as a lovely gesture for their hard work and sacrifice. Post-lockdown you can pick up this hobby too and continue to support key workers. Plus, in winter, you can learn to make everyone a hat!  

7. Pick up an instrument

Have you always wanted to learn to play the guitar, the ukulele, or a ruan--or any other instrument you've had in mind? You may now have the hours it takes to devote yourself to learning this skill. Learning an instrument, surprisingly perhaps, increases your coordination, betters your mathematical ability, improves comprehension, teaches you patience, and so much more. Becoming musical certainly has multiple benefits, which can help after lockdown, when we may have to adapt to a new ‘normal’!


As always, stay safe, take care, and stay home if you are able.

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 Photo credits: Jared Rice on Unsplash, Giphy,  Pinterest


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