Discover why our hair & scalp need UV protection

Much like our skin, our hair and scalp are facing the same environmental stressors like UV rays.


Ever wondered why the hair loses its volume, natural color, and shine?


Well, here's the scoop – it's those UV rays at play!  UV rays can strip away the cuticle layer of its natural moisture and hair color, leaving our hair prone to breakage and dullness.


And guess what? Our hair doesn't have the same self-healing capability the way our skin does. Unlike our skin, our hair just couldn’t regenerate on its own as it is only composed of dead keratinized cells.


So, let's have a heart-to-hair talk, shall we?


We usually go all in on our skincare routines and religiously slather on sunscreen but we often overlook the importance of extending the same care to our hair.

Think about it – we’ve been investing in skincare and sunscreen for our face. Isn't it high time that we also invest in our hair care routines?

If our scalp is an extension of our face and our hair can’t bounce back to its healthy state by itself, wouldn’t it make much more sense to protect it as well?


This is where hair UV protection comes in.


Why do our hair and scalp need UV protection?

 Firstly, why do we need protection from UV rays?

UV rays are not just brought by the sun. Whether we like it or not, it is and will always be part of our everyday life. We are constantly being exposed to UV rays in ways we may not be even aware of.

 Think of frequent sun exposure, indoor lights, tanning beds, hair styling tools, and chemicals. These are just some of the factors that can lead to common hair and scalp problems that many of us experience.

 UV rays penetrate deep, leaving our hair and scalp vulnerable to damage.


The result? Dryness, dullness, and the distressing issues of hair loss and breakage.

So, let’s dive deeper…


There are 3 types of UV rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.


UVA (The Age Accelerator) 

UVA rays stand for Ultra Violet Aging. These cause skin cells (by skin, it means, including our scalp) to age faster, which can potentially lead to hair loss.


UVB Rays (The Color Fader)

UVB rays (Ultra Violet Burning) can oxidize the hair, causing it to lose its natural shine and color. UVB rays behave similarly to bleach, causing the dye color molecules and melanin pigments to oxidize. Over time, this can lead to dull hair.


UVC Rays (The Hair and Scalp Dehydrator) 

UVC rays often come from man-made sources, like tanning beds, lamps, and UV sanitizing bulbs made to kill bacteria. Prolonged exposure to these UV rays can lead to dehydration of the hair and scalp, which can lead to dryness and flakiness. The damage may even affect the hair growth cycle, which can eventually lead to hair loss or thinning.

 But UV rays are just one of the environmental stressors that can damage our hair.

Here's a breakdown of the other environmental stressors that can lead to hair damage:

Environmental factors that can damage our hair

Pollution or particulate matter

Pollution can settle on the hair and penetrate the scalp, potentially causing inflammation and stress to the hair follicles, contributing to hair loss or thinning.


Yes, our lifestyle and even beauty routine can also damage our hair (ex: heat, styling, & coloring products, exposure to tanning beds, water impurities such as chlorine and heavy metals, chemicals/nasties).


The bottom line is that we can’t escape UV rays regardless of our lifestyle, BUT we can protect ourselves from the potential damage it can bring.


How can we protect our hair & scalp from UV damage?

 Here are some tips that we can apply in our daily lives to protect our hair from UV damage:


  • Wearing a wide hat or using an umbrella, especially when going out in the heat of the sun.
  • Wearing a swim cap or putting the hair up in a high bun when swimming to minimize exposure to UV rays and chlorinated water.
  • Using hair care products that are packed with UV-protecting ingredients.


Okay, we get it—as much as possible we want to stay away from toxic chemical-based sunscreens that can potentially put our health and the environment at risk.


Sustainability is the priority.


 The good news is, it is possible with natural plant-based UV protecting ingredients like polluclear, spirulina, pomegranate, vitamin E, fermented rice water, erucic acid, and more.


Ingredients that protect our hair from UV damage


Polluclear™,  a 97% plant-based antioxidant blend that is clinically proven to add up to 37% UV protection to hair and scalp. It consists of a weightless, sugar-based protectant that shields hair from oxidative stress, making it a great choice if you’re looking for a cleaner alternative to scalp and hair sunscreen.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the key properties in Abyssinian oil for hair in Super Repair (Super Gloss Hair Serum). It is an antioxidant that also acts as a UV blocker.

 What’s even great about it is it’s light-weight and non-greasy! With the Super Gloss Hair Serum, you can now achieve healthy, frizz-free, glossy hair without weighing it down.

Fermented Rice Water

Fermented rice water is high in amino acids, and aids in hair regeneration, collagen production and increasing the strength of the hair. It's also a well-known fact that amino acids in rice water help to make hair smoother and shinier, as well as reduce tangling.


Did we mention you can treat your hair with all these ingredients with the Abyssian UV Shield Routine set?


With this set, you can cleanse, nourish, and protect your hair and scalp from pollutants and UV rays without the potential risks to the planet.


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