YOUR Nasty Winter Hair Problems And OUR Fixes

With winter officially here we're pulling out our cozy sweaters, Christmas trees and toasty hot cocoa! The snowy wonderland is so beautiful, but when the temperatures drop to freezing degrees, it's a little less glamorous. The dry cold weather and excessive indoor heating lead to so many nasty winter hair problems!

🎶 It's beginning to look like bad hair days. 🎶

Instead of keeping your hair hidden in a woolly hat or tucked inside your scarf, let your lustrous locks out. This December, don't worry about dealing with your winter hair problems! We share some of the most common nasty winter hair problems that we've heard from YOU and how WE can help to fix it.

Curly Dry Hair | Winter Hair Problems | Abyssian Haircare

Winter Hair Problem #1: My hair legit feels like straw

"Dry like hay straws and nasty like a single-use plastic straw!"

Just like with static hair, as the moisture level in the airdrops whether from the harsh winter winds outside or the heater blasting on full inside, you'll find your hair feeling dry and brittle. For those with coily or curly hair, the bad news is winter really causes your hair to take extra damage.

Our fix for this needs you on board for a few changes in your hair care routine. Cut back on heat styling! Your straightener or curler needs to sit in the drawer for a break. And when you do need to use your styling tools, be sure to use a heat protectant before. Supergloss Repair Serum is a go-to for dry and damaged straw hair. The natural ingredients protect and repair to slowly regain soft and shiny hair. Follow up with more moisture to your hair care routine, switching to more hydrating shampoo and conditioner is only the first step. More importantly, it's what you do after! Apply a deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week (twice for dry and damaged hair) and protect the tips with a few drops of Abyssinian Oil. Show your straw-like hair who's boss by kicking up the moisture and nourishment!

Winter Hair Problem #2: My scalp feels dry and itchy

"It's flakey. I know it blends with the snow, but NO. "

Your scalp is your head's skin and, just like every other bit of your body, it can get dry from the heater on max and the drier air. When it becomes too dry, it becomes itchy and can turn flakey.

Start with switching to a more hydrating everyday haircare routine. Your number one priority should be to look for clean, paraben and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners. Moisturise through natural ingredients like rose essential oil, roman chamomile and Abyssinian oil. These clean elements recharge your hair's natural moisture and lock to your scalp. Specifically, our  Superfood Shampoo and Conditioner is what those with dry hair need before levelling up any other elements of your hair care game. 

Static Hair | Winter Hair Problems | Abyssian Haircare

Winter Hair Problem #3: My hair is crazy static

"It's sticking up, some strands are stuck to my face!"

When it gets chilly, it leads to a dry frosty air that forms an electric charge, causing your hair to defy gravity and float around your head. As tempting as it is to brush it down or flatten it out with your hands - trust us, you're only making it worse. Keeping your hair well-nourished can help cut down on the static, hydrated hair is a little heavier and less likely to float up up and hopefully not away. 🎈

This one is probably the easiest to fix! Smooth over staticky strands with our non-toxic  Silk Milk Leave In Conditioner, it's an added boost of hydration to keep your hair silky soft and away from the drying element. Don't forget to use it as a heat protectant to give an extra heat protectant from styling tools.

Winter Hair Problem #4: Split-ends are everywhere

"It's tiny, but I can see EACH and EVERY split strand."

We wanted to be upfront and directly say there's no way to fix split ends. Yes, there is no magic fixer elixir that is going to stick them back together. The only way to really cure nasty splits is to get a haircut pronto. After a much-needed trim, it's the window of opportunity to kill off those unruly strands. By now you've probably guessed it, the answer is moisture moisture moisture. The Supergloss Repair Serum is the what we'd hand you, we don't mean to toot our own horn, but it creates 93% fewer hair breakages. If you've got straight or curly hair, it's what your hair needs to regain its natural shine and gloss.

If going for a hair cut just isn't possible right now, twisting your hair until the split ends face inwards can be a quick way to hide the frizz. OR if you're up for a new challenge give yourself an at-home haircut! Have you seen the viral TikTok videos of cutting your own bangs? We have and have to admit we've seen more hilarious fails than successes. But why not be a risk-taker and give yourself a full trim.

Hat Hair | Winter Hair Problem | Abyssian Haircare

Winter Hair Problem #5: Hat hair is a pain

"When I take off my beanie, my hair is so flat and lifeless."

Throwing all your hats to the back of your closet just because of annoying hat hair is not the solution. The reason hat hair is such a pain is that your hat is absorbing the moisture in your hair, leaving it not only dry but your style is just lifeless strands draping on your face. 

The quick temporary solution is when you are done styling your hair, wait till it has cooled down before putting on your hat. When your hair is still warm and more shapeable, directly putting on a hat will only lead to one flat style. For the real fix to avoid the aftermath of hat head, before styling use a non-toxic leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture. We always recommend using nourishing hair oils or botanical hair serums. Because it's going to be fully absorbed into your scalp and hair, the last thing you want is chemicals like sulfates and parabens hiding there. We've always been cautious of your health and the environment, so we made sure all our products are clean and toxic-free.

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