How Often Should I Use A Hair Mask?



If you've coloured your hair ready for summer fun but it's starting to look more like straw than silky locks, it may be time for a hair mask. Hair masks are like super-powered conditioners that contain more intensely nourishing ingredients than your everyday conditioner. They add extra nourishment and shine to your locks and are often formulated with a blend of special oil, hair butter, and plant extracts. You may condition your hair daily (or as often as you wash your hair) but, every now and then, your hair may be ready for a more intense rescue. We've already written about the benefits of a hair mask but you may wonder how often you should use a hair mask. Let's explore! 

Is a mask good for daily use?

You may think that hair masks contain such amazing ingredients that you'd get even better results if you used them daily, but that's not the case. Whilst hair masks are chock-full of benefits for your hair, overuse can lead to buildup and greasy strands. 

Think of your hair like a sponge, if you keep pouring water on the sponge it's not going to get any more hydrated, but just oversaturated. If you keep using hair masks daily to recover and moisturise your hair, your hair will eventually have its 'fill' and you'll just end up washing your high-quality product down the drain. Plus, any extra moisture you just keep piling into your hair will just weigh it down, instead of producing the desired effect: silky, beautiful hair.

What's the right number of uses per week or month?

As established, using a hair mask daily is a no-go, but whether you want to use a hair mask once or twice a week or once or twice a month is up to you. 

It's recommended that you follow the instructions on the package for the best results. Incorrect hair mask use can oversaturate your hair and weigh it down (even if it does leave your hair nourished). 

We recommend you use our  Protein Shake Hair Mask once or twice a week (or monthly if you prefer), applying it a little further down your hair (not directly on the roots) for three minutes before rinsing. 

You can follow up your hair care routine with our Supergloss Hair Serum or our Silk Milk Leave-In Conditioner. Our hair mask nourishes dry, damaged hair, treats split ends, leads to 93% less breakage, and acts as an anti-humidity frizz reducer. It also cuts drying time in half and is a detangler. 

But, again, too much of a good thing can give you the opposite effects. For everyday use, we recommend any of our daily shampoos and conditioners.

Hair masks are a beauty industry staple and can rescue your hair or keep it in wonderful condition year-round – but only if you use it properly. Remember to apply your hair mask only as needed to feel the full benefits.

We absolutely love hair masks and think they're a fantastic tool. How often do you like to use hair masks? Let us know on social media!

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