4 Ways To Give Your Hair A DESPERATELY Needed Scalp Detox

Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp, step one is a scalp detox. Did you know, even though you might wash your hair every day, your scalp can still be considered dirty? Have you ever scratched your head and found some white waxy dirt under your nails? It's actually clumpy oils, dead skin, sweat and pollutants from city air and product build-up. Unfortunately, as powerful as everyday shampoos are, it alone can't get rid of all the nasty.

A little extra oil and dirt, what's the harm?? Well, it is the root of issues like an itchy and flakey scalp, thinning hair, hair loss and other forms of irritation. Detoxing to rebalance your scalp's health is a fix. This week on the blog, we'll be sharing some quick tips on how you can kickstart your scalp detox.

Brush, brush, brush

The main reason that a lot of us comb our hair is that we want it to look a certain way or we're just trying to get rid of all the crazy knots. BUT we overlook that combing our hair also involves the scalp. Brushing from top to bottom allows us to remove debris like dead skin and loose strands from our scalp. With a pneumatic rubber cushioned brush, you'll also be able to penetrate deeper providing a stimulating massage for your scalp, it increases blood circulation which stimulates and strengthens hair follicles for the growth of healthy hair. Instead of just combing your hair for when you're getting ready to go, a few brushes before heading to bed, a shower or a workout can make a positive difference.

If you're already brushing your hair or will brush your hair more often, we want you to know that's the ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM!

Scrub and exfoliate the nasty

Using an exfoliating scrub, you're giving a deeper cleanse that your everyday shampoo doesn't do. Massaging it to your scalp helps to buff away dead skin cells, unclog pores and clear away any nasty chemical-filled products that would have built up. This helps to promote hair follicle well being and in return bringing back your natural shine.
Not to toot our own horn 🎺 but our Sunday Detox Exfoliating Shampoo, a botanical hair and scalp treatment, is a must-have tool in everyone's scalp detox kit. The gentle exfoliating formula uses non-toxic ingredients to purify without leaving your hair dried out. We even added a few drops of premium Abyssinian oil to nourish and moisturize your hair while deeply cleansing. Using as a weekly treat or as a deep clean hair treatment lets you bring spa-like therapy to your very own home!

Let's get steamy 😉

We've mentioned that clearing the dirt from hair follicles is an essential part of a scalp detox but maintaining your hair's natural oils is equally as important. Steaming your scalp can do absolute wonders! The steam supports your scalp detox by relaxing and enlarging pores. It pushes impurities to clear out from glands and ducts in your scalp. The circulation also stimulates follicles to encourage healthy oil production, giving your hair a little extra moisture and nourishment. Applying any hair products now can also lead to better absorption. Don't have a hair steamer, it's okay! During a shower, get your hair a little moist and pop on a shower cap, it creates some steam that does the trick.

Get rid of the toxic and bullshit products NOW.

Get Rid of the Toxic and Bullshit Products | Abyssian Haircare

Sorry for the tone 😂 We're all about exfoliating for a deeper cleanse but instead of treating our Sunday Detox Exfoliating Shampoo as your needed SOS immediate fix. Keep your hair detox game weekly by throwing out all toxic products you put in your hair. We aren't saying you should give up using any products, but we need to be more selective in what we use - clean, sustainable and no bullshit are our basic criteria!

Parabens, sulfates, SLS, Phosphates are things that should immediately turn you off any product. More specifically, parabens and sulfates in shampoo and other hair products have been found to be carcinogenic and identified as key culprits of hair loss and thinning! Products that do have these, might deliver the results for beautiful looking hair but it's at a BIG expense. You can exfoliate the product buildup but you can't exfoliate the harm it has on your health and the environment.

Asking you to throw out everything can be scary and lil heartbreaking, so let's start by switching out to a non-toxic shampoo and conditioner!

Step 2: Hair Masks

You condition your hair every week or even twice a week? You think you've got the whole moisture-locking thing covered? You might want to second guess yourself. After scalp detoxing you'll need a hydrating hair treatment! Check out "What are the benefits of hair masks?" to find out how and why you should add a hair masks to your routine.

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