Abyssinian Oil: The Key to Less Hair Breakage


What Makes Abyssinian Oil Special?

Abyssinian oil is rich in long-chain fatty acids, particularly omega-9, which create a protective layer around hair strands without penetrating the shaft. Its main components are approximately 60% erucic acid, 18% oleic acid, and 11% linoleic acid (as well as many more!) . These fatty acids play a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin cells and strengthening the skin's protective barrier. They help retain moisture within the skin while defending against harmful free radicals and bacteria.

Source: Botanical Formulations


What is another name for Abyssinian Oil?

Abyssinian Oil is also known as Crambe oil. This unique seed oil is derived from Crambe abyssinica, a plant indigenous to the Ethiopian Highlands, historically called Abyssinia. It is a multibranched annually-growing oilseed plant in the Brassicaceae family. The seed is coveted for its high levels of cuticle-smoothing erucic acid and is used mainly for cosmetic purposes.


Key Benefits of Abyssinian Oil for Hair:

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How Abyssinian Oil Decreases Hair Breakage

TRI Princeton conducted research comparing Abyssinian oil (crambe seed oil) and argan oil on mixed-race hair to assess their interchangeability in hair products. The study revealed that Abyssinian oil matched or slightly surpassed argan oil in improving hair combability. Both oils showed similar effectiveness in conditioning and enhancing manageability. While both strengthened hair during grooming tests, Abyssinian oil demonstrated superior performance in reducing hair fiber breakage. As for enhancing natural shine, Abyssinian oil proved to be equally effective as argan oil.

97% less hair breakage with abyssinian oil

This superior performance in reducing hair fiber breakage makes Abyssinian oil an excellent choice for those with fragile, damage-prone, or over-processed hair. It's particularly beneficial for curly and textured hair types, which are more susceptible to breakage. Regular use of Abyssinian oil can lead to stronger, more resilient hair that's less prone to splitting and snapping, ultimately promoting length retention and overall hair health.


How you can use Abyssinian Oil on your Hair

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