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Scalp Rescue Routine

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Scalp care is skincare

Use the Pre-Shampoo Clay Mask and Sunday Detox Exfoliating Shampoo as alternating weekly or twice weekly treatments.

The Pre–Shampoo Clay Mask gently lifts product build up and encourages micro-circulation on the scalp. 

The Sunday Detox Exfoliating Shampoo contains ApibiomeTM and Dead sea salt. ApibiomeTM is proven to ease an itchy and flaky scalp while the Dead sea salt helps replenish the scalp's natural minerals and lift dead skin. 

Jade comb offers relief to an inflamed scalp, encourages skin turn over and follicle activity by bringing blood flow to the scalp. 

Clean & Conscious


My hair feels soft, shines and is airy
Intensely nourishing conditioner, optimal usage for best results
Seborrheic dermatitis, Natural Supplements & Exfoliating Shampoo