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Discover Detox Set

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Discover the Anti Pollution Club™ family and more, powered by our patented superfood ingredients to deeply cleanse and protect your hair from UV and other environmental aggressors.

Detox Exfoliating Shampoo clears the scalp thanks to our microbiome balancing active ingredient Apibiome™. Packed with Polluclear™, our sugar-based protectant and superfoods like spirulina and pomegranate, the Superfood Recovery Shampoo and Daily Shield Superfood Conditioner are the perfect cleanse and protect duo. Our powerful vegan keratin - KeraPlantin™ works in combination with Niacinamide to fortify and boost your natural protein production.

This set contains:

250ml Superfood Recovery Shampoo

250ml Daily Shield Superfood Conditioner

80ml Protein Shake Hair Mask

80ml Sunday Detox Exfoliating Shampoo

Travel size comb

Natural cotton tote bag

Clean & Conscious


My hair feels soft, shines and is airy
Intensely nourishing conditioner, optimal usage for best results
Seborrheic dermatitis, Natural Supplements & Exfoliating Shampoo